Ruck Plate Carrier

Ruck Plate Carrier

The Most Streamlined Way to Add Weight to Your Workout

The Ruck Plate Carrier™ (aka RPC) houses a Ruck Plate® (sold separately) and is worn high and tight on your back for natural stability. Your chest stays open so you can breathe better to push harder, and it’s easy to clean — just hang to dry.

Your intensity during workouts should be the reason you feel like you’re suffocating — not your equipment or weight plate carrier.



    Ruck Plate Carrier™ at GORUCK Selection

    Free Your Chest

    Your chest stays open, it’s easier to clean and won’t stink, doesn’t beat up your chin while doing pushups, and looks a lot better. Free your chest with Rule #1: Always Look Cool.

    Built to Carry Ruck Plates® (and nothing else)

    Designed to securely hold Ruck Plates® high and tight on your back with an extra secure hook + loop closure. Just a Ruck Plate® on your back, no zippers, no extra straps or extra MOLLE.

    Zero Irritation When Shirtless

    Say goodbye to friction burn. 210D HT (High Tenacity) CORDURA® on the back panel and underside of the shoulder straps is non-abrasive and doesn't irritate skin during workouts.

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