Our Original Piece of Gear

GR1® thrives in Baghdad and NYC and is proven by Green Berets on standards of quality, toughness, and performance - including taking a laptop into combat. It has earned its GOAT status - The Greatest Of All Time - the hard way: one deployment, one event, one trip, one mile at a time. Its minimalist design lacks some of the training specific features of the Rucker, such as a dedicated Ruck Plate compartment, but it is more than comfortable bearing all the weight you want to throw in it, anywhere in the world.

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    Special Forces Proven

    Special Forces operate in cities, mountains, jungles, and deserts the world over, facing the most difficult challenges known to man. Since our founding, Green Berets have been judge and jury of GORUCK quality and we proudly overbuild every GR1® to Special Forces life or death quality standards.

    Exclusively Built in the USA

    The GR1® rucksack is proudly American-made, built right here at home using GORUCK construction techniques proven by Special Forces soldiers in the harshest environments on planet earth.

    The Toughest Laptop Bag Ever Built

    Separate, bombproof compartment next to your back is extra reinforced to protect your laptop with confidence across time zones, on subways, and in the harshest environments imaginable, including securely into combat.

    GR1® Origins

    Baghdad x NYC

    "I was living on my buddy’s couch on the Lower East Side with all my deployment gear from my time in Iraq, trying to figure out how to transition from the military world I missed to the civilian world I was in. I poured my heart into what became GR1 because it felt like I was building a bridge I desperately needed to cross in my life. To honor my roots but still look forward, and around, and love this one life where home will always be America.

    GR1 could not be more personal to me, and I’m grateful to the guys I served with and all I’ve met along this journey. People are the best part of life and none of this would be possible without you."

    Jason McCarthy
    10th Special Forces Group, 2006-08
    Founder, GORUCK

    GR1 is a hell of a tough bag that looks at home in an office, on a trail, or dragged through a muddy pit. Although a few companies made expensive backpacks before the GR1, GORUCK more or less invented (and now defines) the tough, buy-it-for-life pack.

    "Made in the USA, bomb proof, with a life time guarantee, they're the kind of company we love to support. Enough said."

    "The GR1 is the best backpack I have ever owned," says Jon Wiley, lead designer for Google Search.

    "No nonsense tactical looks that fit in just as well in the urban jungle as they do in the real one."

    The Punisher Carries GR1®

    The Most Badass Ruck Ever Built

    Marvel Comics' classic vigilante hero carries a GORUCK GR1® when waging his one-man war on crime.

    Tested & Proven

    Quality is Life or Death to Us

    We built our entire company around ensuring that GR1® will always live up to Special Forces standards.