SWAT: A Service First Story

SWAT: A Service First Story

The connection between law enforcement and the military is a strong one, grounded in service before self and a commitment to the values we hold dear in the United States of America.

Those who choose this life, to protect and serve, are increasingly held to impossible standards – even perfection. One wrong move, one overreaction by a police officer can travel around the world in minutes. Every bias explored – most typically racial – feels as if one wrong move condemns the service of all police officers.

It should not.

We expect our police officers to be perfect, which anyone who’s ever done police work knows can never happen all the time. But at least in the United States of America we expect them to be perfect, and we abhor the idea of corruption or bias entering into our police departments.

With that commitment to excellence in mind, this GORUCK Service First feature delves into the human terrain of police work, and the connection our Special Forces Cadre have to police officers, at a human and a professional level.

Aaron Forum, a former Green Beret and GORUCK Firearms Cadre, travels to Jonesboro, Arkansas to provide training to the volunteer SWAT Department.

The classic Green Beret Mission involves training foreign militaries – in a foreign language – and then working beside them to achieve mission success in places like Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq. This commitment to teaching translates well to domestic law enforcement such as the Jonesboro SWAT team.

More training leads to more confidence. More confidence leads to a greater likelihood of non-violent outcomes. This is true in war as a Special Forces Soldier. It’s true as a Law Enforcement Officer. And we at GORUCK want to use our experiences for good.

So it was an honor for us to provide advanced training to Jason Chester, a fellow Airborne veteran, and to the Jonesboro SWAT team. We wanted to highlight the challenges a human faces when doing police work, and the human motivation to protect and serve that is the foundation for strong, free communities in the United States of America.

Mark Mosier, police academy instructor and former member of the Jonesboro SWAT team, talks the importance of training and the value of character in becoming a good police officer.

GORUCK Cadre are world class shooters and teachers, having honed their skills by firing millions of rounds and instructing hundreds of thousands of students in both training and in war. Whether you’re a professional shooter or have never picked up a gun in your life, our Cadre will scale their knowledge to you, teaching from real world experience that is unparalleled in the industry.