10 Things I Learned Traveling Across the US with Only My GR1

10 Things I Learned Traveling Across the US with Only My GR1

Single Bag Travel

By Caitlin, GORUCK Technical Designer

1 - Only pack what you need and layering is key

For the next 5 days, I was going from the unseasonably warm beach of Jacksonville, Florida, to the hot desert of Tucson, Arizona, and finally to the wintery Mountains of Boulder, Colorado with only my GR1. I needed to pack minimally, but also bring everything for these extremely different climates. Layers.

2 - I’m glad I just have my GR1

As I watched everyone slowly lug their rolling bags into the overhead compartment I quickly slid my GR1 under the seat in front of me. I popped in some Billie Holiday and start to drift off to sleep. It was an early morning, my flight was at 6 am, but it would have been earlier if I would have had to check a bag.

3 - If I had to run I could (and fast)

My last time flying was during the holidays… I was one of those people running (or more likely flailing) through the airport with 2 bags flying around trying to catch my connecting flight. This time, I can safely walk to my gate but I can’t help but think -- if I had to run I would be a lot faster with just one bag on my back.

4 - The GR1 26L is the perfect size for day use and travel

In Tucson, I decided to go on a 6 mile waterfall hike through a canyon. I unloaded my Packing Cube from my GR1 and threw in some water. Easy as that, ready to go.

5 - Taking a cold plunge in a waterfall is 10 times better than in a bathtub

The hike ended at a waterfall overflowing with snow melt. The water is 40 degrees and brutally refreshing after a long hot hike. I dove in with my GORUCK leggings and then I sat in the sun to warm back up. As I start to hike again my leggings were already dry. Wish I had a beer but I’ll grab one at the trailhead.

6 - The GR1 26L can fit anyone

Though I’ve been the designated model for this trip, it was nice to share the weight a time or two.

7 - A good pair of boots will get you far

From the airport, to hiking, to the pub, the MACV-1s are the best all around footwear. Full-Stop.

8 - Being outside is better than being inside

I spent a few more days in Tucson and then headed out to Colorado for a quick stop to surprise my mom for her birthday. The next morning, it was colder than I’m used to but I layered up in my Grid Fleece and we all hiked up the flatirons. Spending time outside and together with delicious coffee at the end really put the cherry on top of this trip. I was flying home in a few hours, but we enjoyed this short time together outside.

9 - Checking a bag sucks

My plane home was delayed; everyone was watching the last minutes of the Superbowl so nobody really cared that we were getting in late. We arrived close to midnight. I gratefully walked past the baggage claim where I saw many of my flightmates slumped over from exhaustion (or too many Superbowl drinks). I headed past them and out the doors on my way to my very own bed and my attention deprived pup waiting for me at home.

10 - I can use the GR1 for everything

The next day I rucked to work with the attention deprived pup and gave her some well deserved loving and exercise. I had the 20LB Ruck Plate in my GR1 with my laptop and an extra change of clothes for when I get to work. Life is good and it's good to be home.

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