Ruck Plates - KG
Ruck Plates - KG
Ruck Plates - KG
Ruck Plates - KG
Ruck Plates - KG

Ruck Plates - KG

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Rucksack Compatibility

Our standard of compatibility is that Ruck Plates® will be stable and secure in your Ruck with minimal shifting.

If you have a Ruck Plate Carrier™, we recommend the 10KG or 15KG Ruck Plates®

The 20L and 25L Rucker® feature an additional pocket to securely fit a 20KG Ruck Plate®, which can be paired with a 10KG or 15KG Ruck Plate® for up to 35KG of total weight.

20KG Ruck Plates® only strap in securely to the 20L/25L Rucker.


Start With 10KG

The relationship between your body, the weight, and the rucksack will determine your level of comfort on the move. Our recommendation for most people is to start with 10KG of weight for rucking and ultimately max out at ⅓ of your bodyweight. It’s more important to keep proper form while rucking than to have more weight.

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