Join us for the 12 Days of Ruckmas Challenge December 1-12!

We believe that an active life is a healthy life and this is something that unites us as a community. This time of year can be the most wonderful but it can also be the most stressful. From the pressures of traveling, picking out the perfect gifts, visiting or missing family, it all piles up. Getting outside and spending time with others can help improve your well-being and that’s why staying active can be even more important around the holidays. 

To help keep you moving,we’re bringing you the 12 Days of Ruckmas made up of a fun, daily workout inspired by our GORUCK community. From December 1-12, a different guest trainer will deliver you a new rucking or ruck workout along with some words of encouragement and merriment.

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or join our GORUCK Tribe to find the new challenge details everyday. We encourage you to invite a friend or family member to join you so you can sweat it out together.



Carry a sandbag, sand kettlebell, or ruck for 1 mile. You can't carry the weight on your back. Try shoulder carries, side carries, and bear hugs.