Built For Rucking

Our Rucker® line is the gym on your back that revolutionized the fitness category of rucking (carrying weight on your back). These bags are not just the most comfortable rucksacks ever built but with streamlined pocket design, reinforced materials, multiple handles for varying grips, and the ever so important ability to add weighted plates—these bags are perfect for training, rucking, and GORUCK Events. The Rucker® is available in a number of size options to ensure you get the right fit and features you are looking for.

20L Rucker®

The first place you should start if you’re looking to get into rucking. The 20L Rucker now has 2 plate pockets to hold up to 75LBS, same as the 25L Rucker. Complete with 4 handles and front and side MOLLE to integrate with a hip belt for longer distances.

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25L Rucker®

Ideal for someone who wants more space, or is over 6’ tall. It has 2 plate pockets that can hold up to a 45LB Ruck Plate® and 30LB Ruck Plates simultaneously.

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Long Range Rucker®

Purpose built for long range rucking endurance events like GORUCK Selection. You have a heavy pack out and you move out for miles and miles on end and you want the most comfortable rucksack ever built on your back.

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    GORUCK Tough

    The GORUCK Challenge was born in 2010 to serve as proving grounds for our gear before it went to war. 1,000 Events/year, 175,000+ participants and 200+ Special Forces Cadre later (with no end in sight), the Challenge is the only and most significant quality control program of its kind. No other gear is consistently put through more abuse, and The Rucker® thrives.

    Ruck Plate Compatible

    The Rucker® has been purpose-built for weighted PT and to be the best rucking backpack ever built. All Ruckers will securely fit GORUCK Ruck Plates®. There’s still plenty of room for a Simple Sandbag or Sand Kettlebell in the main compartment for even more fun.

    Rule #1

    Always Look Cool

    Carry that weight more comfortably, adhere to Rule #1: Always Look Cool, and have fun getting stronger. If you want the best tool for rucking and training, the Rucker® is it.